It's about time!

Hi there. My name is Felipe but most of my friends call me Sabino, since that’s my surname.

I’m not quite sure of how one should start a blog. I think it’s ok to just start writing about some topic or about anything. Well, it’s my blog. I can write anything I want. Anyway…

Some of my friends always told me: “Hey Sabino! You should write a blog!” and I always thought: “Hey, you are right! Someday when I epic succeed at something I MIGHT write a blog!” - but you know what? Probably when I epic succeed at something I won’t have time to write. So I thought: “Why not now?”

Well… here I am now. Writing a blog about things I know, things I like, interesting things.

My expectations by doing this are pretty simple. I will write, when I think it’s possible, about every major event of my personal, and mostly, professional life here. I’m might not write about past events - doesn’t mean I won’t.

Talking about personal life events, I am married with a beautiful woman. I like to code, read about things that interest me, play on my xbox. I like Star Wars. Some people call me a nerd, I think it’s ok but I don’t like to label people nor be labeled.

It’s about time!